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Bike Rentals          
Most rental bike agents offer bicycles equipped with a rechargeable-battery- driven-motor. A free cycling map can be obtained at tourist information desks.    

1) Ryotsu Tourist Information Office

Phone (0259) 27-5000  


Aikawa Tourist Information Office
Phone (0259) 74-2220

Mano Tourist Information Office
Phone (0259) 55-3589

Ogi Tourist Information Office
Phone (0259) 86-3200

Phone (0259) 86-3666

6) Sado Kisen Akadomari Office
Phone (0259) 87-3101

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Car Rentals          

Please be advised that one of the following licenses is necessary for a foreigner to drive a car in Japan.  JNTO Official Guide
1) An International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by a signatory country of
Convention on International Road Traffic of 19 September "1949" (United Nations). The permit should be obtained before the departure of your home country. The permit is valid for one year.  (The list of member countries of the 1949 Convention on Road and Traffic) 
2) Driver's licenses of Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Taiwan with a Japanese translation issued by Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), or a foreign embassy / consulate office in Japan. 

3) A Japanese driver's license. 

   Car Rental Services 
   Ryotsu Port Area
1) Sado Kisen Kanko  Phone  (0259) 27-5195
2) Watanabe Sansho   Phone (0259) 27-5705

3) Toyota Rental & Lease   Phone (0259) 27-2100
   English reservation desk: Phone: 03-5954-8020
   Toll free: 0800-7000-815 (Within Japan)

4) Island Rental-A-Car  Phone (0259) 23-2455
5) Nippon Rent-A-Car  Phone (0259) 23-4020
English reservation desk: Phone: 03-3485-7196
Toll free: 0120-107-186  (Within Japan)

6) Times Car Rental  Phone (0259) 24-7211
English reservation:

Ogi Port Area

7) Sado Rent-A-Car  Phone (0259) 86-3010
8) Sadogashima Rent-A-Car Phone (0259) 86-3103

Akadomari Port Area
9) Sado Rent-A-Car Phone (0259) 87-3101

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Motorcycle Rentals           

Rose Rental      (090)-1883-9747    8:30am to 7:00pm 
E-mail:  (Japanese text)

We can deliver our motorcycles to wherever you are staying on the island as well as the ports, and pick them up for you at the same locations. Contact us for rates and conditions.



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