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Last updated: October 7 , 2020

The 2020 issue is now available. 

Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVIT-19) precautionary measures, a number of tourist attractions and business activities are temporarily suspended and/or closed, and festive events will be cancelled. Status changes day by day. Please contact about more updates to Sado Tourist Association 0259-27-5000 or write to info@visitsado.com 

The 2020 fixed-route bus schedules (Apr. 1 to Nov. 30), with 2020 Sado Kisen Ferry Timetable (Aug. 17 to Dec. 31). 

  The 2020 Sado Kisen Ferry Schedules (Aug. 17 to Dec. 31). 

Sado Niigata Pass and Sado Joetsu Pass for JR Pass Holders


 Visiting Sado Island See you local Japan with Justin Potts
  Sado Island Scenic Views in Brief (3min)   Presented by StudioJapa 

What happened on Sado in 1946?

(An amazing story about the Dakota Incident in 1946)


  A Short Tour on Sado Island   Sponsored by Planetyze

  More Videos   Sponsored by Planetyze


  How is the Weather on Sado?


How to obtain a Hard Copy


Sado Island - located in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Niigata Prefecture - is a perfect destination to discover the unspoiled beauty of Japan. Clear water, panoramic views, undisturbed nature, and unique cultural traditions are all here for you to enjoy.





How to obtain this free map? 

By Mail

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Please send a 90yen stamped (if you do not have a mailing address in Japan, enclose a 2USD international POSTAL money order instead of the yen stamp from your country), self-addressed envelope (#10 size 9-1/2" x 4-1/4" or 235mm x 105mm) to the following address:
MIJ International
691-1 Umezu, Sado Island
Niigata 952-0005, Japan

E-mail: mijintl@aol.com

Pick up at Tourist Information Offices

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The 2020 Free Sado Island English Map is distributed at the following places. 

Tokyo Area
Niigata Area
Tourist Information Center at JR Niigata Station Bandai Exit 
1-1-1, Hanazono, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0086
Naoetsu Area 
Tourist Information Center at JR Noetsu Station 
1-2 Azima-cho, Joetsu, Niigata 942-0003
On Sado Island

Tourist Information Offices at Sado Kisen Ferry Terminals and Niigata Kotsu Sado Information Offices

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