Osado Skyline Meoto-iwa Rocks Senkakuwan Ageshima Yuen Ono-game Rock Futatsu-game Rocks Tarai-bune (wooden tub boat) Tsugami-shima

Scenic Spots
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1. Trai-bune (wooden tub boat)
2. Ono-game Rock
3. Futatsu-game Rocks
4. Senkakuwan Bay Ageshima Yuen
5. Sunflower Fields
Meoto-iwa Rocks
7. Osado Skyline

(1) Trai-bune (wooden tub boat) 
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Available at: Ogi Port and Yajima & Kyojima

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Tarai-bune, wooden tub boats made from barrels, are another Sado institution. Local people still use these traditional vessels for fishing near shore. Hands-on experience is available at Ogi port (Rikiya Kanko) and Yajima & Kyojima. The latter locale boasts a unique attractionglass-bottomed tub boats, available from April to October. It is located in a small inlet formed by craggy lava.   Video Clip

(2) Ono-game Rock
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This is one of beatiful spots on the island. The rock has a height of 167m, and local people believe the rock is a place where a deity lives. Arrays of yellow day lilies bloom from May to June. A footpath along the coastline begins from an adjacent small village to Moura Village via Sai-no-kawara. Also see Cultural & Historical Interests , Event and Festival and Futastu-game below. The site is received Two-Star Rating in Michelin.

(3) Futatsu-game Rocks
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"Futatsu-game" means "two turtles" because the rocks look like two turtles lying down in the sea. Its sand beach, one of Japan's 55 best beach resorts, is just under your nose. Its clear water is known throughout Japan. Received Two-Star Rating in Michelin. Camping is also available. This picture was taken from the Ono-game area. 

(4) Senkakuwan Bay and Ageshima Yuen
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Phone: 0259-75-2311 Kitaebis, Sado Island

Open daily 8am - 5pm Boat cruises: mid Mar. - mid Nov. 

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The most beautiful spot on Sado for its continuous cliffs and clear blue water. The bay was designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty and incorporated into the Sado-Yahiko-Yoneyama Quasi-National Park.  Its observatory commands the most splendid scenic view of Senkaku-wan Bay. Enjoy glass-bottom boat cruising that shows you marine park zone. The observatory is accessible for the disabled and a wheelchair is available. Our park also features a small aquarium. Admission: 550 yen for the observatory, add another 550 yen for a 15-min boat cruise. 

(5)  Sunflower Fields
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Fields of sunflowers stretch in a beautiful array, overlooking the sparkling blue sea.  Local people developed these fields in the vacant space left when their rice acreage was cut down. You will be irresistibly fascinated. The best time to see them is summer.

(6) Meoto-iwa Rocks
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Located just south from central Aikawa, it is another spot that gives you a dramatic view on the Nanaura Kaigan Coast. "Meoto" means "husband and wife"; now you know what the two rocks represent. Meoto-iwa Roadside Restaurant
is just in front of the rocks.  

(7) Osado Skyline
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Taking this panoramic drive is another wise decision if you have your own vehicle. You can also take one of the regular sightseeing bus tours available by Niigata Kotsu Sado. Also see Bus Service.