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Homma Kogei Craft Art Co. 
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Phone: 0259-66-3105  Fax 0259-66-3106

Open daily 9am to 5pm from Apr. to Oct.

Closed Sun and holidays from Nov. to Mar.

Our workshop specializes in bamboo art and ceramics. Our bamboo artwork has been recognized overseas and exhibited at a number of international art fairs in New York, Chicago and London. Also featured in American Craft, Artnews, and Art & Auction. Souvenir items are on display at the shop.  Craft demonstrations are available for groups of 5 or more.  Our products are also available at Tai Gallery/Textile Art in Santa Fe, NM, USA. http://textilearts.com   E-mail: gallery@textilearts.com 

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Mumyoi Ware Gyokudo Kamamoto
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Phone: 0259-52-3222  
Open daily 8:30am - 5:30pm
URL: http://www.gyokudou.com/ (Japanese text)


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Gyokudo Kamamoto is one of the leading Mumyoi workshops on Sado. Mumyoi ware uses special clay that contains ferrous oxide composites. Its clay becomes very dense and hard when completely baked. Mumyoi ware are said to enrich the taste of green tea, coffee, sake, and beer. Hands-on experiences with the potter's wheel available at 2,160 yen. English information is also available. A coffee shop is inside. Also see Restaurants

Saccori House: Sado's Traditional textile art
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Phone: 0259-66-3871  Fax: 0259-66-4158
Sangu, Sado Island
Open daily 10am - 6pm   


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Saccori House highly adores the values of Japanese antique goods and Sadofs traditional hand-woven textile called Sakiori, which is made from small fabrics strips that are made from used clothes. Our desire is to share the personal touch of Sado's culture. Our shop also runs a coffee shop. Please walk in. Closed Wed. http://saccori.jp/   (Japanese text) 

Hokusetsu Shuzo Brewery
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Phone 0259-87-3105 Fax: 0259-87-3173
Open daily 8:00am - 5:00pm
E-mail sado@sake-hokusetsu.com
URL www.sake-hokusetsu.com (Japanese text)


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Hokusetsu Brewery is a world famous sake brewery. We produce both traditional sake and more contemporary versions with unique aging methods by synthesizer music of Kitaro, a Grammy Award-winning musician, and ultrasonic waves to mellow the sake. "Nobu the Premium Sake" is popular among sake lovers worldwide. In particular, our brand is Robert De Niro's favorite sake. Mr. De Niro and his business partner, acclaimed chef Nobu have chosen Hokusetsu sake for their internationally known prestigious restaurant chain NOBU. Both De Niro and Nobu have visited our brewery. In addition, Koganenami, an example of Japan's other indigenous beverage, shochu, is matured using ultrasonic technology. Enjoy its rich flavor at room temperature, chilled, or served on the rocks.  E-mail: sado@sake-hokusetsu.com 

Henjin Mokko German Style Salamis and Sausage
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Phone: 0259-22-2204  Fax 0259-22-2448

Open daily 9am to 5pm (Closed occasionally)

E-mail: mokko@e-sadonet.tv


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Henjinmokko, in Sado's dialects, means "diehard".  We have committed to a continual endeavor to produce prestigious German style salamis and sausages for over 30 years. Our proven products have won gold medals at the 2005 SÜFA competition, which is the leading fair for the butchers' trade in Germany, the home of sausages. Please stop by. Purchasing our products is also available at: www.rakuten.co.jp/mokko  (Japanese text, no overseas shipping is available.) 

Hayasukeya, Igoneri Maker
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Phone: 0259-52-6577
Open daily 7am to 5pm
E-mail: order@igoneri.com

Igo-neri is food similar in texture to gelatin and an original Sado dish. The ingredients include igo, a red algae found in Sado's sea, and pure water. This healthy product is rich in natural fiber and minerals, made with absolutely no preservatives. Meals at accommodation on Sado often include this as a side dish. Plant tour is available. Please contact us before you come.  http://www.igoneri.com/  (Japanese text)

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Tsubakiya Togenkan Ceramic Art Hall
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Phone: 0259-63-5555  
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Open daily (April to October), 
10:00am to 4:00pm (November to March) Closed Sun, Mon, and the new year holiday season 
http://sado-tsubakiya.com/?mode=f1  (Japanese site)

Our gallery offers quality displays and sales of ceramic artworks made by 16 of Sadofs pottery shops as well as the late living national treasures Kohiji Miura (1933-2006).  It was our great honor and privilege to host Prince Akishino and his family in the past. A hands-on pottery experience is available from Apr. to Nov. (an advance reservation is needed). Our original extra virgin camellia oil is also available for sale. Some dishes using the oil are served at Hananoki Inn.  (See Accommodation (J) Major credit cards accepted. Located a 5 min walk from Yokodani bus stop. We have opened a restaurant facility inside (11:00am -3:00pm Mar - Dec; weekends only Jan - Feb) . Soba noodle dish made of 100% of Sadofs buckwheat is our specialty. Visitors can also enjoy coffee with a Sadofs munyoi ceramic cup of your choice. http://sado-tsubakiya.com/  (JP text)

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